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M. Reich bitter powder, 90g

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Herbal food made from 55 carefully selected plants with high content of bitter substances


Bitter substances are especially for the digestive process, as well as various metabolic functions, a very important part of the daily diet. M.Reich BitterStoffPulver is the only purely herbal bitter substance product, which combines 55 carefully selected plants in organic quality and is awarded the neuform quality seal thanks to its high quality and purity. Outstanding about this food is also the wide spectrum of bitter substance groups united in only one product. In particular, the high proportion of gentian (the most bitter natural plant) as well as centaury, wormwood and many more, make this BitterStoffPulver so unique.


Gentian root, artichoke herb, wormwood herb, centaury herb, turmeric, ginger root, orange peel, fennel fruit (sweet), anise, basil herb, coriander, juniper berries, rosemary leaves, dandelion leaves, Yarrow herb, Benedicte herb, bitter clover leaves, galangal root, angelica root, mugwort herb, calamus root, lovage root, allspice, bitter orange fruit, bitter orange peel, thyme herb, giant goldenrod herb, sage leaves, chicory root, oregano, cinnamon (Ceylon), olive leaves, dandelion root, yarrow flowers, nettle leaves, chicory herb, green tea, thyme, horehound, caraway seeds, marshmallow root, wild garlic leaves, dill seeds, burdock root, boar root, spinach, savory, violet root (iris root), tormentil root, lemon peel, valerian root, cloves, kale, chervil leaves, chives.

* All ingredients from ecological/organic cultivation

M. Reich's formulas were developed together with nutritional experts, inspired by homeopathy, Ayurveda and science.


organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, without flavorings, without preservatives, without added sugar, vegan


Consume 1 g (level teaspoon) of BitterStoffPowder daily, pure or stirred into water or cold/warm dishes.


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